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MidCoast Takeover 2014

(Main Showcase)

Shangri-La – 1016 E. 6th St. – Austin, TX

Thanks to all of the artists contributing to the 2014 MidCoast Takeover. All performers are from the Kansas City, MO / Lawrence, KS area unless otherwise noted. Be sure to check out the schedule for the Acoustic Stage as well.


Wednesday, March 12th Thursday, March 13th
12:00-12:30PM Bailiff [IL] 12:00-12:30PM Ruth Acuff [MO]
12:45-1:15PM The Clementines 12:45-1:15PM The Yawpers [CO]
1:30-2:00PM The Capsules [TX] 1:30-2:00PM The B’Dinas
2:15-2:45PM Eyelit 2:15-2:45PM Enemy Planes [MN]
3:00-3:30PM The Grahams [TN] 3:00-3:30PM Violet and the Undercurrents [MO]
3:45-4:15PM Sextonic Plates [KS] 3:45-4:15PM Rob Drabkin [CO]
4:30-5:00PM Not in the Face [TX] 4:30-5:00PM Radkey
5:15-5:45PM Two Cow Garage [OH] 5:15-5:45PM The Beautiful Bodies
6:00-6:30PM Jesse Malin [NY] 6:00-6:30PM Maria the Mexican
6:45-7:15PM Katy Guillen & The Girls 6:45-7:15PM Rev Gusto
7:30-8:00PM Claire & The Crowded Stage 7:30-8:00PM Clairaudients
8:15-8:45PM The Philistines 8:15-8:45PM The Noise FM [IL]
9:00-9:30PM Scruffy & The Janitors 9:00-9:30PM Not A Planet
9:45-10:15PM David Hasselhoff on Acid 9:45-10:15PM Sphynx [TX]
10:30-11:00PM Architects
GoDaddy / .UNO Day Party
Vinefield Agency Day Party


Friday, March 14th Saturday, March 15th
12:00-12:30PM Black on Black 12:00-12:30PM Sleepy Kitty [STL]
12:45-1:15PM Shy Boys 12:45-1:15PM The Great American Canyon Band [MD]
1:30-2:00PM Josh Berwanger Band 1:30-2:00PM La Guerre
2:15-2:45PM OILS / CS Luxem 2:15-2:45PM Dots Not Feathers [STL]
3:00-3:30PM The Sluts 3:00-3:30PM Palace [STL]
3:45-4:15PM Pedaljets 3:45-4:15PM Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds
4:30-5:00PM Heartfelt Anarchy 4:30-5:00PM Jorge Arana Trio
5:15-5:45PM Approach 5:15-5:45PM Middle Twin
6:00-6:30PM The Quivers 6:00-6:30PM Coyote Union [AR]
6:45-7:15PM David George & A Crooked Mile 6:45-7:15PM In the Pines [KC/TX]
7:30-8:00PM Vi Tran Band 7:30-8:00PM She’s A Keeper
8:15-8:45PM John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons 8:15-8:45PM Schwervon!
9:00-9:30PM Drew Black and Dirty Electric 9:00-9:30PM Be/Non
9:45-10:15PM Outsides 9:45-10:15PM Drop a Grand
10:30-11:00PM Me Like Bees [MO] 10:30-11:00PM Maps For Travelers
11:15-12:00AM Hearts of Darkness 11:15-12:00AM Federation of Horsepower
I Heart Local Music / Whatever Forever Day Party
Middle of the Map Festival Day Party